Ship Agent Operations: Infectious Diseases Protocol

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Dear All,


The attached document, issued by the International Chamber of Shipping and supported by FONASBA amongst others, was originally circulated to Members in May 2020.


It sets out general actions to be taken to mitigate the risk of COVID (and indeed any other contagious disease) being transmitted between ship and shore. Clearly, the actions it highlights in the “Hierarchy of Controls” apply to seafarers and all shore-based personnel and so deliberately avoid going into too much detail.


The Ship Agent Committee feels however that it would be beneficial to our members, and to the wider ship agency community, if the general actions listed could be supported by a more detailed set of protocols specifically dedicated to their needs. Not only would those protocols provide guidance to agents and the rest of the maritime community, but they would also secure the ability of the agent to attend on board and provide the necessary services to the ship and crew, whilst also protecting their interests and those of their principals.


With FONASBA having already supported the above-mentioned document, and to maintain consistency with it, the agent-specific protocols would sit alongside, and compliment, the original.


To assist in developing the protocols, we are inviting members to provide the Secretariat with examples of specific actions that their members have taken to ensure they can continue to provide all the services necessary to vessels and their crews, whilst also maintaining the required levels of safety and security for all personnel. They should expand on the basic information in the Hierarchy of Controls by providing additional detail, for example:


Section 1: Eliminate

•        Is attendance on board necessary at this time?” – What factors were considered and what controls applied to inform the decision?

•            Can the work be undertaken remotely? – If so, how was the remote action carried out?

•          Can the work be postponed? – Again, what were the factors that determined whether the work should be carried out now or later?


and so on.

The responses received will then be collated and issued as an addendum to the industry guidelines.


Clearly, input to this exercise from your member companies will be key to ensuring that we receive the latest information on how these matters are being addressed by shipagents, so please circulate this request widely. Self-evidently however, we will also be pleased to receive copies of any guidance your association (or company in the case of Associate members) may have issued to its members on this subject. Please rest assured that any internal association or company protocols will be anonymised and summarised for the purposes of this exercise, the documents themselves will not be circulated or otherwise introduced into the public domain.

It is hoped that the first draft of the FONASBA protocols will be ready for review at the Ship Agent Committee plenary meeting ion Antwerp.

Thank you in advance for your support for this project.

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