Motor Launch Hıres

CIRCULAR NO: 3.1 / 713-405 = 20/11/2023 

Dear Esteemed Members, 


The following issues were raised by various companies providing sub-agency and motor launch services with their letter addressed to our Board of Directors of our Association on 25.11.2021:


''We provide boat and auxiliary agency services in the Turkish Straits (in Istanbul and Çanakkale) to passing/anchoring ships with or without calls by means of boats owned or rented from 3rd real or legal persons.

Due to the increase in recent operating and investment costs, the tariff of the services we provide in terms of auxiliary and Boat Services were adjusted in accordance with our petition dated 25.11.2021 and published as the tariff dated 01.12.2021.

After 25.11.2021, the Auxiliary Agency and Boat Service Fees for the period 25.11.2021-30.10.2023 were increased and the "LABOR / DIESEL WITHOUT SPECIAL CONSUMPTION TAX / EURO" change table is attached. 




Increase rate

*Net Wage of a Seafarer Master Seaman (Captain)




* Minimum Wage




*Diesel without special consumption tax




*EUR Currency





In the light of the facts stated above, it is clear that the sustainability of the services of boat agencies delivering services in accordance with the current tariff is challenged due to the fact that the investment and operating costs of modern boats with twin engines, equipped with cranes and an average speed of 20-25 knots have increased extraordinarily especially in 2023, to an extent that they cannot be compared with the former ones (diesel consumption, spare parts and repair costs, costs of employing seafarers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, uninterruptedly, on weekends, public and religious holidays) even in foreign currency.

Due to these reasons, we submit for your information that the "Auxiliary Agency Services and Boat Services Fee Tariff" be updated as attached, circulated to all your members and published in your Association's Port Handbook.’’


The Board of Directors of our Association has reviewed and found the request in line with today’s market conditions and therefore approved the increase in question. Herefore it has been decided to publish such changes in the Handbook of the association and circularize same to its members.


You may find enclosed the graphs showing the justifications of the amendments and the new tariff which will enter into effect as of 1st December 2023. 


                                                                                Yours Truly,

                                                                           Maritime Association of Shipowners and Agents





                                                                            Emin EMİNOĞLU

                                                                             Secretary General







Annex : Agency Boat Service Fees Tariff.

Distribution: All our members