Interim evaluation of the implementation of the Union Customs Code

SİRKÜLER NO: 6.12 /854-689 = 17/11/2020

Üyesi bulunduğumuz FONASBA' dan 17.11.2020 tarihinde almış olduğumuz e- posta mesajı aşağıdaki gibidir.


Dear all,


Please find below a self-explanatory email received from Oxford Research, who are carrying out a survey on the implementation of the Union Customs Code on traders. Whilst this invitation has been sent to ECASBA in its capacity as a member of the Trade Contact Group, the questions it poses are more relevant to commercial operators that have direct and daily interaction with customs procedures and so they are best placed to provide the necessary information in return.


On that basis therefore, we would invite you to circulate the questionnaire and covering letter amongst your company members, inviting them to complete the form and return it directly to the consultants. This will enable the consultants to receive the information without any filtering or “interpretation error” that may arise were their responses to be summarised by the association or ECASBA. The responses should be sent to Mr. Hetherington at: and are required by 7th December.


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