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''Dear All,

Our colleagues at BIMCO have published a Glossary of Climate Change Definitions which intends to “to clarify and harmonise definitions and terminology to ensure that discussions around climate change and potential solutions for the shipping industry are based on a mutual understanding of what the commonly used terms mean”. It is self-evident that in any wide-ranging discussion, a clear understanding of the terms being used is vital to ensure that misunderstandings and misrepresentations do not arise from individual interpretations. As examples of the importance of this activity, a significant amount of time is spent at IMO ensuring clarity of understanding and development of robust definitions and the European Union have also recently published their Taxonomy for environmentally sustainable activities. This BIMCO glossary is therefore timely.

FONASBA, together with the International Association of Ports and Harbours, the International Federation of Ship Masters Associations, INTERTANKO, Intermanager, the International Parcel Tankers Association and the International Union of Marine Insurance have also supported this initiative. A copy of the Glossary is attached.

We congratulate BIMCO on this initiative and hope that it will assist members in gaining a better understanding of the frequently confusing language used in the climate change debate and we will certainly be using it as the basis for our ongoing actions in this field.''


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Ek: Glossary Climate Change Definitions-June 2022


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