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Üyesi bulunduğumuz FONASBA' dan 21.07.2022 tarihinde almış olduğumuz e-posta mesajı aşağıdaki gibidir.


‘’Dear All,

We have much pleasure in formally publishing FONASBA’s Infectious Diseases Protocols, a guide for ship agents on the continued provision of services and support to ships and their crews during COVID-19 and any future Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). As has been reported previously, the Protocols are based on information on best practices provided by member associations, and we are very grateful to those that have given input. As noted on page 1, we also thank the International Chamber of Shipping for generously allowing us to base the methodology and format of the document on the “Hierarchy of controls as a guide to establishing effective safety control measures and reducing risk” as detailed in the International Chamber of Shipping’s publication “Guidance for Ensuring a Safe Shipboard Interface Between Ship and Shore-based Personnel”. Our thanks also go to Jesper Sebbelin FICS, Director of the Danish association, and Gustav Jakobsen, CEO of Schulz Shipping A/S for initially suggesting that the protocols be developed.

Whilst we all hope that COVID-19 will continue to decline until it is just another routine seasonal respiratory ailment, there is always the possibility that another PHEIC will arise in the future. Should that be the case, the FONASBA Protocols will play a role in ensuring that ship agents are informed, prepared and ready to continue to provide agency services to their principals and the ships and maintain vital husbandry and pastoral support to the crews onboard.

FONASBA members are invited to circulate this document to their companies, other industry organisations and national authorities for their information and guidance when drawing up appropriate responses to any future PHEIC.

The protocols will also be published on the website.’’

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