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Dear All,


On behalf of ECASBA Chair Marco Tak, we are writing to ask if any ECASBA member associations have been in contact with their national immigration authorities in relation to the new “Entry/Exit System (ESS)” that is currently under development by DG-HOME as part of the wider euLISA project. A fact sheet is attached and further details can be found here:


In short, this system will cover all non-Schengen area nationals and is intended to introduce a hybrid e-passport and biometric data and to fully replace stamps in passports. Introduction is expected to be in the first half of 2022.


The use of electronic passport information and biometric data raises several issues, not least how does it handle applicable travellers without electronic passports and of particular interest to ECASBA members, how Seamen’s Books will be handled.


We will be discussing this with ECSA but at the same time it would be useful to ascertain what questions have been raised by national associations (and possibly responses given!) so that we can feed those into our discussions with DG-HOME. Even if you have not yet raised any concerns at local level, we would be pleased to hear of any issues you foresee arising from the proposed introduction of ESS in your Member State.



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