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Our colleagues at BIMCO are pleased to announce the launch of their latest standard document, the Standard Mate’s Receipt.

Given the importance of the Mate’s receipt as evidence of the quantity, condition, weight, and dimensions of the cargo loaded on board, and a lack of any consistency in the format of the form and information provided, it is perhaps surprising that this development has not been undertaken previously. We therefore congratulate BIMCO on taking this initiative and are pleased to give it our support.

In addition to limiting the information provided to the minimum required for its effective use, the BIMCO form is also offered in a format that will make transition to a digital version quick and simple. As part of that process, BIMCO have used industry-standard terms throughout.

Ships agents will also welcome the form having space in the header for their own logos to be included, thus allowing them to personalise the new form with their own details.

The form is available free of charge in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as English, and its standard format will make comparing different language versions easy. Copies of the Word versions are attached and FONASBA members are invited to circulate them amongst their member companies.

Further information on the new form can be found on the BIMCO website at:

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Ek1: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (English)

Ek2: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (Japanese)

Ek3: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (Spanish)

Ek4: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (Arabic)

Ek5: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (Korean)

Ek6: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (Chinese)

Ek7: Draft Standard Mates Receipt v1.0 (Portuguese)

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