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(Agean / Black Sea and/or vice - versa)

                                                                                                            Per NT

                                                                                                        US Dollar

Up to 800 NT                                                                                 1,8564

Over 800 NT                                                                                  0,9282


SALVAGE DUES:                                                                           0,4420

( Up and Down Passage)


Dues for lighthouses and rescue services mentioned above are for double-passage from the Straits. Nevertheless, if a commercial vessel passes through the straits later than 6 months as from its entry to the straits for one passage, then such vessel shall pay relevant fees and dues for the second time and fully, notwithstanding to any difference thereof.


If a commercial vessel declares in its departure passage that it would not return in non-stopover, one half of the dues only shall be paid by such vessel. Those vessels that have returned in non-stopover in contravention to their previous declaration shall be subject to full-payment of non-stopover dues.


For a vessel that has initially passed in non-stopover, but not returned so, a difference fee shall be paid according to its voyage status.


If a vessel does not return in non-stopover, despite of the fact that it had initially passed in non-stopover, any of non-stopover dues shall not be giving back. If a vessel completed its free voyage which has initially passed in non-stopover and in case that it has already made a payment for its free passage, one half of such non-stopover dues shall be paid back to such vessel.




The vessel passing through the Turkish Straits are about to meet their obligatory requirements.Under the permission of the relevant authority may proceed anchorage areas where shown  on the 23 th article, they allowed to stay 168 hours to provide free pratique that they are authorized by the traffiv Control Center. The total awaiting time anchorage area may possible to regulate, shorten in this period if it nessecary .

During this time, for vessels ; Activities related to death, illness, crew change, permission or agency contact, fuel or other supplies, failure approval and similar obligations may be performed .In the anchorage areas, non-stop transiting vessels, when they wish to stay more than permissible limits as mentioned in the first paragraph  ,  have to proceed to the anchorage areas shown and take free pratique.

The controls and procedures required by health, safety, customs and other official authorities shall be applied to vessels that break down non-stop transit when await at anchorage area over of permissible limits.


The following vessels are held exempted from dues for lighthouses and rescue services


1.  Foreign flag vessels with a Net Register Tonnage of up to 30 tons (excluding NT of 30 tons)

2.  Turkish flag vessels with a Net Register Tonnage of up to 100 tons (excluding NT of 100 tons)

3.  Turkish flag fishing and sponges’ vessels with a NRT of up to 300 tons (excluding NT of 300 tons)

4.  Battle ships, ships with pennant, as well as scientific research and training (school) ships

5.  Floating docks, off shore docks, etc. that is not counted as ships

6.  Vessels towed by such ships operating within the boundaries of a port and being subject to annual fee

7. Changes of location within the same port for voyage of entry, or entry-exit circumstances within the same port during loading, unloading of those ships, having already paid up port entry dues.

8. Those ships that have taken refuge or called in at ports and dockyards for such reasons as bearing away to leeward, accident, or breakdown; that have entered into shipyard for any kind of repair – maintenance works; and that have evidenced, in this connection, by virtue of documents to be obtained from relevant official bodies that they would not intend to conduct any commercial activities, will become exempted from port dues only.

9. Those ships that have lost their non-stopover status due to bearing away to leeward, breakdown, and accident shall be exempted from port dues, but pay a difference rate only.

10. Dues payable for such vessels with a tonnage exceeding tonnage of exemption shall be calculated on basis of their total net tonnage

11. Those ships that have to enter into the straits or taken refuge in any ports, due to bad weather conditions, shall be held exempted from the straits and port dues, upon submitting such documents on condition that they obtain necessary permissions from relevant authorities.


Such vessels passing through in non-stopover as defined herein, shall pay non-stopover dues in 7 calendar days commencing from the day of their initial passage to the Strait of Çanakkale or the Strait of İstanbul. However, if the payment is due on an official holiday, non-stopover dues shall be fulfilled on the following working day.


 (Source: Web site of Directorate General of Coastal Safety)