New Liner Agent Course Launched

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Konu: New Liner Agent Course Launched Hk.


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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new education course for employees of your member companies operating in the liner sector. The course has been developed by our colleagues at the Barcelona Shipping Agents Association (ACB) to provide a detailed and comprehensive study programme covering all aspects of liner trades from a practical viewpoint. Further information is provided in the flyer and course booklet attached.

This course includes several interactive elements, for example, access to video lectures, online tutorials, and discussion fora and so unlike the FONASBA Agent Diploma, this course operates to a set timetable, starting on 23rd September and ending on 10th December with the closing date for registrations being Friday, 17th September. The next course will not run until September 2022 so we would ask that you circulate the attached information to your member companies as soon as possible. Registration is made directly by the company with the Barcelona association at: with copy to this office:

We are also pleased to advise that FONASBA will share the commission received from ACB for courses booked equally with the national association, so there is an incentive to you to actively promote the course to your companies!

Thank you in advance for your support for this initiative.


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