Customs & Transit - Results of survey on Transit Business continuity

SİRKÜLER NO: 6.12 / 687-535 = 07/09/2021

Üyesi bulunduğumuz FONASBA' dan 07.09.2021 tarihinde almış olduğumuz e- posta mesajı aşağıdaki gibidir.

Dear All,

Please find below an email received from our Brussels Representative, Frank Janssens, reporting the results of a survey carried out recently amongst Member State and common transit country customs authorities (copy attached) into the business continuity procedures to apply if the electronic transit reporting system fails.

It is interesting to note the overwhelming preference for the retention of a paper-based backup system for situations such as this. Those of your members involved in transit procedures will also note the preference for using the Transit Accompanying Document as the default paper alternative, rather than the Single Administrative Document.

We are very grateful to Frank Janssens for having made this survey available to us and invite Members to circulate the information appropriately amongst their members.

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